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Business Transactions

Small and medium size business need efficient and quick handling of their business transactions. The truth is that a deal that van "make" a company and take it to the next level can also mean the end of the company just as quickly if something goes wrong.

In my practice, not only do provide great service and value to my client, I strive to make sure my clients understand the contracts they are signing. It is my experience is that when people understand their contracts, they are much more likely to live up to their obligations.

I represent clients in a full range of business transactions, including:

Texas Franchise - Margin Tax

Most forms of business are subject to the Texas Franchise (Margin) tax. The Margin Tax is based on a company's gross receipts minus either compensation or the cost of goods sold. Margin Tax return are due May 15 for income from the previous year. Companies that owe less than $1000 in margin tax and those with total revenues of $300,000 or less are exempt from tax.

You can learn more about the new Texas Tax Entity law changes.

Other business transactions:

Frequently legal contracts are an essential part of business to business relationships. Contracts definite elements of the relationship including items such as tasks that will be completed, time line for completion of tasks, responsibilites for each party and compensation between parties.

Trusts and Business

There are various kinds of trusts that can be useful to business. Learn about the different types of legal entity trusts.