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Business Disputes &
Litigation in Texas

Business disputes are a major concern to every business, and they arise every day in the business world. When a conflict involving significant risk arises, you need an excellent business attorney to protect your interests. My background brings a unique perspective to business litigation. For years, I practiced exclusively in handling litigation matters, but I also spent many years as general counsel for an emerging company. This experience means I understand how litigation affects your business and bottom line. My clients' business needs are the focus of my representation.

I handle business litigation matters in a wide variety of areas, including:


I take a zealous, yet practical, approach to handling lawsuits. I tailor the research, discovery, and preparation of each case to meet my clients' business needs. I work closely with clients to establish reasonable objectives and keep my clients actively involved in the decision making process. I advise clients when litigation is not in their interest, and I do not pursue unnecessary or unethical lawsuits, but I never shy away from a fight when it is necessary to protect my clients' rights.

Alternate Dispute Resolution

There are effective ways to resolve disputes other than having them decided in court. Using these methods can reduce the time and expense of resolving business disputes. Find out more about utilizing the Alternate Dispute Resolution ("ADR") click here.